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Illegal Immigrants and Dead Democrats Enabled Clinton to Win U.S. Popular Vote

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Hillary Clinton, looking shocked that a fake news site run by vodka-swilling teenagers in Macedonia trying to earn enough denars for new Vespa motor scooters managed to uncover the massive, coordinated electoral fraud that allowed her to obtain 2.8 million more votes than Donald Trump.


The “BREAKING” report allegedly showing that there were 25 million “completely fake” voters in the 2016 presidential election (which Conservative Army seems to think occurred in 2015) refers to a study published more than five years ago, in 2012, by the Pew Center on the States. The Pew study found that approximately 24 million voter registrations in the U.S. were either invalid or inaccurate, including some 1.8 million for deceased individuals. This does not mean that there were 24 million unlawful voters (or 25 million — ironically, Conservative Army counted the dead people twice). It only means, as the study carefully noted, that state election officials are slow to update registration rolls to reflect voter relocation or deaths, usually because such information has not been provided in a timely manner.


The 2012 Pew study, lacking clairvoyance, did not find that 800,000 non-citizens voted for Clinton in 2016, nor did it make any finding about non-citizen voting, in any election. The Pew study also never said anything about “completely fake” voters, though Conservative Army’s post implies otherwise. The term isn’t even used in the bogus article the post links to, so Conservative Army is actually quoting nothing.

The 800,000 non-citizen votes come from a still older and thoroughly discredited study by three political science professors at Old Dominion University in Virginia, which, based on a small and patently unrepresentative survey sample, determined that 6.4% of adult non-citizens voted for president in 2008. After the 2016 election, one of the professors applied the unsubstantiated 6.4% voting rate to an estimated population of 20 million adult non-citizens residing in the U.S., and then, for reasons that are unclear, assumed that 81% of the putative non-citizen vote went to Clinton, netting her approximately 800,000 votes. This almost certainly is not the case (indeed, the Old Dominion study itself conceded that the actual number of non-citizen voters could be under 40,000); but even if the 800,000 figure is accepted, it’s far lower than the 3-5 million illegal votes President Trump claims were cast, or the 2.8 million total votes he lost by.

Illegal immigrants, who comprise the majority of U.S. non-citizens, generally shy away from any unnecessary official interaction with government institutions, for obvious reasons. So the idea that they are registering to vote in significant numbers seems rather far-fetched.

While accurate polling is difficult, there’s no indication that dead people tend to vote more frequently for Democrats.

The lead author of the Pew study has condemned conservatives’ blatant mischaracterization of his group’s findings and rejected any assertion that widespread voter fraud exists in the United States.


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