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Trump’s Empty Rhetoric on Las Vegas Shooting Rivets Nation

Liberty Writers Facebook Post


Don’t waste your time here.


President Trump, reassuring Americans shocked and appalled by yet another senseless mass shooting that he intends to do absolutely nothing to prevent it from happening again.


Trump’s purported disclosure of “exactly who was behind the Las Vegas shooting” revealed that it was … evil. That’s right, in his nationally televised address, Trump characterized the shooting as “an act of pure evil,” and Liberty Writers identifies this as the culprit. Evil — an inanimate, incorporeal concept of immorality — is “who” was behind the shooting (normally, in the English-speaking world, we call that “what”). Imagine the disappointment of gullible Great Againers who thought it was Barack Obama.


Trump’s five minute speech wasn’t an “announcement” of anything — it provided no new insight or information. It was a meaningless string of trite platitudes read from a teleprompter.

Liberty Writers’ post teases, “This is bad,” trying to suggest the shooter had help from some sinister accomplice (read: Muslims). But it turns out that it was just plain old evil. So there’s your news flash — evil is bad.

Liberty Writers’ post also urges its 1.8 million Facebook followers (seriously) to “help Trump get his message past the mainstream media,” even though Trump’s speech was carried live by every major news network and clips of it continued to be rebroadcast for the next 24 hours. Regardless, it’s unclear why anyone would want to suppress Trump’s declaration that the shooting was evil — not exactly a controversial sentiment. But evidently 800,000 shares are enough to thwart the anti-Trump media conspiracy.

The linked article warns, “Do not let the liberals make this about gun control. They are sick psychos that just want to use killing for political gain.” But using killing for economic gain, as Liberty Writers does with this shameless clickbait, is perfectly fine.

Ironically, Liberty Writers is (or claims to be) based in Las Vegas. But tellingly, the video it embeds in its article to show Trump’s rote remarks is from Russia Today.


Pandering 8/10 • Idiocy 8/10
Banality 6/10 • Vileness 4/10