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ISIS Would Never Lie About Motive of American Mass Murderer

InfoWars Facebook Post


Don’t waste your time here.


Young concertgoers running for their lives because one-third of America thinks the Founding Fathers wanted unhinged assholes to have assault rifles.


ISIS’s claim of responsibility for the Las Vegas shooting was immediately and explicitly rejected by the FBI, well before InfoWars published its deliberately unsubstantiated and inflammatory post.


The U.S. government does not theorize that the shooting had anything whatsoever to do with Islamic terrorism, and there is no evidence that the shooter, Stephen Paddock, was a Muslim. Investigating authorities assert that, at present, they have absolutely no idea what Paddock believed in, other than, presumably, his right to bear arms.

Paddock was a white, wealthy, 64-year-old accountant from Mesquite, Nevada — not exactly the typical demographic of an ISIS recruit.

As ISIS steadily loses territory and influence and its leaders find themselves under increasing pressure to show their continued power, the terror organization is increasingly taking credit for incidents that it had no involvement with, such as the deadly attack last June on a casino in Manila, which turned out to be a botched robbery (despite President Trump impulsively assuming otherwise). In the Manila attack, as with the Las Vegas shooting, ISIS alleged that the gunman had converted to Islam a few months earlier.

The linked “article,” which still appears on InfoWars’ raving website and likely will never be removed, does not provide any context or analysis for ISIS’s self-serving and almost certainly bogus claim, but simply presents it at face value, with the warning, “Do everything to protect yourself and your loved ones.” Everything, that is, except support mind-blowingly sensible legislation to keep military-grade mass-casualty weapons out of the trembling hands of America’s homegrown Second Amendment jihadists.


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