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U.S. Military Plane Keeps Terrifyingly Safe Distance From Air Force One

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Don’t waste your time here.


President Obama and staff looking out the windows of “Trump’s” Air Force One. Conservative Post must have fallen behind on payments to its stock image provider.


The terrifying thing seen by Air Force One passengers was another U.S. military aircraft, an Air Force C-17, that was either escorting the president’s plane or flying on an unrelated mission to make America great again.


The C-17 flew unusually close to Air Force One, but there was never any danger.

Air Force One was descending to land at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, not in “mid-flight.”

Although a few people noticed the C-17, there’s no evidence that anyone was more frightened by it than by the fact that Donald Trump is president. The most dramatic comment made about the occurrence was that it seemed “strange.”

The history of the United States goes back 241 years, a dedicated presidential airplane has existed for only the last 72 of those years, and Conservative Post has no fucking idea whether a similar incident has ever happened before or not.


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