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Arkansas Representatives Boldly Choose American Law Over Sharia

Arkansas Representative and Protesting Muslim


1. Don’t waste your time here.


2. All 13 of them.

3. What Arkansas — or, more precisely, the august Arkansas House of Representatives — proposes to “force” on Muslims is a measure requiring that state courts apply American law, as they have always done, except when applying Confederate law or Deuteronomy. There is absolutely no indication that any Muslim American unlucky enough to live in Arkansas favors a different legal system.

4. All the Arkansas House did was advance its patently unnecessary, hyper-pandering bill to the Senate, where it’s now under review. Nevertheless, getting 3,000 of Right Wing News’ paranoid, Islamophobic readers to agree with the idea of pushing back against an imaginary Razorback caliphate probably is an attainable goal.


5. Arkansas Representative Brandt Smith (R-Deplorable), sponsor of the proposed legislation, courageously defending the separation of non-Christian church and state.

6. Stock photo of agitated Muslim fanatic who clearly wants to kill us all.

7. Passage that might relate to Sharia law in a book that might be the Koran. It’s written in Arabic and a bearded guy wearing a turban is pointing at it — that’s good enough for Right Wing News.


8. In a hearing on the bill, which does not expressly mention Sharia, Representative Smith acknowledged that he was unaware of a single instance in which an Arkansas court failed to apply U.S. or Arkansas law when rendering a decision. No matter, the bill passed the Arkansas House 63-24. The author of the linked article, who amusingly pretends to be an American despite likely residing in Eastern Europe, can’t understand why it wasn’t unanimous: “I don’t know what stupid people we have in this country that would vote against the AMERICAN COURTS USING AMERICAN LAWS? Must’ve been those moron liberals again. They’re always doing something completely backwards and illogical.” In a fun irony, however, it turns out that some conservative Christians opposed the legislation on the grounds that it might preclude use of the Ten Commandments.


9. You’ve gotta love the gratuitous parting shot at former President Obama — right-wing media misses him more than randomly capitalized words can say. But, yes, undoubtedly secret Muslim Obama is boiling mad about one half of the Arkansas state legislature passing a bill that, even if eventually enacted into law, will have no discernible effect other than memorializing its supporters’ pointless bigotry.


Pandering 10/10 • Idiocy 8/10
Banality 7/10 • Vileness 8/10